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A Deal Is A Deal

The Mocking Owl Roost 2023

January 9, 2023

A Deal Is A Deal

I decided as my New Year’s resolution that I would both no longer be taken advantage of, and I would collect money for our local Food Bank. I’ve been doing both.

 It’s not uncommon for short ladies to wait for a taller person such as myself to get them something from the top shelf in the supermarket. I can tell the look as soon as I turn down the aisle. Would you mind, they begin? And now I still do it, but I charge a nickel and tell them it goes for charity. To feed the hungry, I say and show them a Food Pantry brochure I carry with me.

If I’m downtown and someone is waiting for me to pull out of my parking space, I’ll walk over and tell them that I wasn’t planning to leave yet but if they want to donate a quarter to charity I’ll pull right out. To feed the hungry, I tell them.

There’s more—and while I’m keeping my resolution in this small town of five thousand people it’s begun to negatively affect my real estate business. I can’t wait for New Years so I can change the dumb resolution and get back to normal.




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