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Another Day at the Office

JMWW 2016

October 8, 2022

Another Day at the Office

Another Day at the Office


A voice tells me it’s all been solved but I’m not willing to take Voice at face value. Pastimes Voice gave me a sure thing on a trifecta and it cost my Lexus to pay the book. Voice also misled me on Diana, a co-worker who was supposedly interested in me. I followed her into the supply room and told her how sexy she was and she went straight to HR.

Diana’s been promoted to vice-president and I report directly to her. Her second day in her new office she had me show up at one which is my lunchtime so I had to decide if I was going to walk into her office eating my pastrami (lean) on rye or walk in hungry. I chose hungry.

Her door was open so I went in and sat. She eventually showed up eating an egg salad on white bread, mayo oozing out the sides of the sandwich and her mouth. “My lunch is at one and I had to grab something. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I started to apologize and she told me to forget it—my instincts were right but she had to set some rules knowing she was getting promoted. She proposed a friends with benefits deal. “Who knows, it might even help your career?”

I was too mesmerized watching mayo run down towards her neck to answer and since I hate the taste and smell of egg salad I prayed she didn’t want to start right away.


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