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Arthur's Defense

The Drabble 2015

May 8, 2019

Arthur's Defense

The Drabble
Fall 2015




Arthur's Defense - Paul Beckman
Air Harp Would Be Better - Robert Scotellaro
The new wife - Lucie Britch

Arthur's Defense
Paul Beckman

     After Miss Webster passed out the test, and gave her cheating lecture, she took the wooden ruler she used to rap knuckles and walked up one aisle down another, smacking it into her left palm.
     Twelve-year old Arthur, intent on protecting his knuckles, drew a picture of a pistol, and each time Miss Webster passed by he shaded in a different part of it.
     At one point she stood looking over his shoulder, smacking the ruler down next to his ear so he added a silencer with his number 9 pencil which strongly suggested she keep moving on and away.
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