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Baby Bump

Purple Pig Lit 2014

September 15, 2014

Baby Bump


Extra Extra

Hollywood, CA

Dear Extra Extra,


I want to send a thank you letter but I don’t know where to send it and  since I see and hear so much about baby bumps on your show I figure you’ll pass the word around. Whoever it was that gave pregnant women the A-OK to show off their beautiful-round-tight-skinned-like a drum-sexy-beyond-belief bodies to the world in midi-blouses, cut out dresses and bikinis (especially bikinis) has my vote and gratitude. It’s been too long a time coming.

And I’m sure,  beyond any doubt, that if my wife knew what has made me ravish her this past year like a high school junior fucking his math teacher, she would  write her own thank you.


Your Pal In Connecticut,




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