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Becoming Made

Yellow Mama 2020

October 14, 2020

Becoming Made

Thumbs Riley was a two-bit hood who just barely made his bones by running over the dry cleaner he was supposed to whack for not paying his vig for two weeks. The Boss, Big Tony thought that Thumbs was smarter than he thought and when word got out in the neighborhood that the dry cleaner got whacked by being run over it was big news and cut the shortage of people suddenly forgetting their protection money.


Thumbs found out where Big Tony got his clothes and went and had two suits made like Big Tony—ties and pocket handkerchiefs the same.

Consuela, Big Tony’s bookkeeper was a babe so no one would be anything less than proud to have her on his arm. They became an item and every morning Consuela would type up a report on Thumbs.

8am up

9am coffee and sinkers at the Diner.

10:30 both at Big Tony’s’

11:30 Thumbs to follow Matty and Consuela to follow Thumbs.

11.33 Thumbs hustles down the stairs and jumps in his car and tails Matty.

1137 Consuela loses Thumbs and calls in to Big Tony.

1142 Big Tony tells her to come in.

230pm Thumbs shows up with a fat lip and black eye.

240 Thumbs tells Big Tony that he wants permission to take a couple of guys and off Marty.

3pm Big Tony gives his blessing.

Following day

Noon-Big Tony’s 3 thugs get a call that Marty’s in the restaurant, Italiana,

1220 Thumbs and the 2 associates enter through the kitchen. Thumbs sends one guy around the front to ask for Marty in a loud voice.

1223 Marty stands and Thumbs shoots him and the two guys.

1 pm Thumbs becomes a made man..

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