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Betty's Personl On-Line Helpline

Microliterature 2016

October 9, 2016

Betty's Personl On-Line Helpline

Betty: Our next person with an issue is ready and wants to be known as Anonymous. What’s your issue, Anonymous?

Anonymous: She’s got an attitude and I’ve finally had enough. I’m so annoyed I won’t even speak her name and I told her so and she came right back with a snide remark.

Betty: What did she say that was snide?

A: She said, well. I wouldn’t want my clean name in your dirty mouth.

B: You have to admit that was a good one.

A: A couple of days earlier I asked her—As long as you’re up will you please bring me a glass of water? Are your legs broken? Get up and get it yourself, she said.

B: Do you think she had a point?

A: How is this remark justified? She claims that I’m the one with the attitude and I’ve got to learn a lesson or life is going to be difficult. This is difficult. Living with her comebacks and putdowns is difficult.

Last night I asked her—What are we having for dinner? Stay where you are—I’ll bring you a menu as soon as I finish printing it up, she says.

Why couldn’t she just answer a simple question?

B: Have you thought of a trial separation? Maybe you two need to be apart for a bit to appreciate each other.

A: How does a thirteen year old boy go about getting a trial separation from his mother?

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