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Color Coordination Rules

Flash Frontier New Zealand 2014

December 20, 2014

Color Coordination Rules

Melborne walked five steps and quickly tapped his left heel with his right toe and continued on. He was in his mid-fifties, dressed nattily and stopped at the same flower stand every morning for his boutonniere—a blue daisy.

One day he added a double tap to the right side of his nose with his index finger whenever he crossed a street. At times he had to shift a bag from right hand to left.

Weeks later he began speaking with a low “mmm” before beginning whatever it was he had to say and that was followed by tapping his pencil eraser against his front teeth while on the phone listening.

Melborne held steady with these habits for quite a while and then one day he stopped at a different flower stand and bought a yellow rose.

He no longer tapped or mmm’d but had taken to knuckle cracking, whistling, ear probing and an occasional hop upon hearing a thunderclap.

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