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Dear Editor

Heavy Feather Review 2017

February 10, 2017

Dear Editor

Dear Editor,


Please cancel our subscription. I can no longer have your newspaper lying around where my children can read the “Letters to the Editor” advocating same-sex marriage, separation of church and state, atheist rights, teaching of sex education in school, locations where free condoms are dispensed, transgender studies (whatever they are), school book lists with teen pregnancies, gay themes, sex talk of any kind and cuss words, talking about the good Planned Parenthood does (without mentioning the harm), help for abused women, pregnant girls, rogue cops, gun laws, medical marijuana, pro-choice, shorter jail sentencing, Black Lives Matter, and pro-immigration.


After all, this is America. Read your constitution and Bill of Rights or better yet, print them in your Anti-God, anti-family, and anti-American newspaper.


Marcus and Mary Ellen Higganum


Proprietors of Lock and Load Firearms and The Booze Barn


PS: long time subscribers and advertisers.


PPS: We are also considering pulling our advertising.


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