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Enough Guilt to go Around

Door Knobs & BodyPaint 2015

May 31, 2015

Enough Guilt to go Around


I’m guilty. I can’t justify my actions. I was wrong when the police came and asked me if I saw my father-in-law on the day in question I said, “No. I was not at home that day.”

I was home that day and I am his only witness who knows he didn’t pull the robbery. We spent most of the day together and all of the time in question (noon till three) playing Chutes and Ladders. We were smoking dope so having a World Series of a kids’ game (best 4 of 7) seemed like a reasonable and great idea.

I caught him cheating when I went to the cupboard for some Twizzlers and that’s why I’m going to let him go to jail instead of telling the truth as to his where-a-bouts. He can’t understand why I’m doing what I’m doing and I never told him about my seeing him move my marker and I’m getting even.

The thing is I was stoned at the time and I’m pretty sure he moved the marker. I should have won the series but it turned out that after that event he broke our three-three tie and became the World Champion. And for that reason alone I say, “Guilty”.

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