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He Took an Oath


May 8, 2012

He Took an Oath

They speak of Doctor D. as noble, healing, loving & kind. I tried to think of those things when his nurse called and said that the great man wanted to speak with me. Hold she said.

While on hold the great man’s lulling voice read from his latest book. His words were noble, loving, healing & kind.

Hi Dr. D. said right before chapter four and he sounded businesslike, not at all like the hold doctor. We’ve found a malignancy. Probably got it all but make an appointment & we’ll double check. Questions. No. Hold for the receptionist.

While he lovingly & kindly read I waited afraid and daydreamed of Marcus Welby, Dr. Kildare & Ben Casey and other movie and TV doctors who sat across from their patients face to face after an examination to impart this kind of news. I’ll get right to the point they always said.

I hung up the phone as the great doctor was beginning chapter 5 in his hypnotic comforting voice.

I stared at my telephone and then I spoke to it aloud, aloud and shaky.  I asked my telephone— "So tell me, telephone, tell me, how long do I have? Give it to me straight."Minutes later the phone rang. I was afraid to pick it up.

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