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I'm Over the Moon in Love with What's Her Name

Potato Soup Journal 2020

June 29, 2020

I'm Over the Moon in Love with What's Her Name

My new squeeze is gorgeous. I’m sure. I thought so when I saw her across the bar looking at me and smiling. 

I raised my glass to her. She raised hers back to me. I motioned for her to join me. She motioned for me to join her. 

I sent the barkeep over with a drink for her. She sent him back with a drink for me and a bar nap with a phone number. We played this game of tag back and forth until she blew me a kiss and walked out with her three girlfriends.

I stayed for another couple of pops and listened to the Stones cover band until they finished their set. I knocked my G&T over and the bartender wiped it up with a bar rag and pocketed my bar nap. I Ubered home to dream about my new love who I never saw again in the bar whose name I couldn’t remember in a town somewhere near my generic hotel.

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