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I Saw Ellen Today

Zero Flash 2016

March 24, 2016

I Saw Ellen Today

I Saw Ellen Today


for the first time in twenty plus years. I was at the airport and we were both on moving sidewalks going in opposite directions and noticed each other at the same time. She smiled first and I followed with a “hello” smile wondering if and how I knew this attractive woman and what her name was.

American 264 to Atlanta now boarding gate 14.

We were closing on each other; Prom, I thought. The closer we got the harder I tried to place her. Prom, that’s it. Prom.

I felt her hand touch mine. “Ellen,” she said, and we continued on our separate sidewalks and I remembered her with tenderness and longing and realized I was letting her pass out of my life again but what could I do? I had a plane to catch.

I lifted my suitcase preparing to go over the railing after her and ask her to join me as the Aragoni Family was directed to pick up a courtesy phone. I paused, role-playing our conversation in my mind as we moved farther and farther apart and then I set my bag back down and continued on, thinking, Next time.

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