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Kiss Kiss

Yellow Mama 2016

October 16, 2016

Kiss Kiss


Grandma will be wearing a mask when we visit so don’t you kids be alarmed.


How will we know it’s Grandma under the mask?


It’s just a mask that covers her mouth so she doesn’t breath in germs.


Grandma’s scary. Can we cover our eyes with a mask so we’re not afraid?


Is she going to take off her mask when she gives his her squishy wet hello and goodbye kisses?


No kissing this time. Germs. Grandma’s now afraid of germs.


What about the money? Will she still give us money if she doesn’t kiss us?


Maybe she’ll say kiss, kiss and give you a check. She doesn’t touch money anymore since she read that money’s covered with germs from many people.


Can we wear masks too? We can say kiss kiss and hand her pictures we’ve drawn.


Is she going to cook that stew again?


No. We’ll stop at a restaurant before we go to her house and get lunch. We’ll bring her lunch with us from there also.


You can show her your pictures but if she’s not wearing doctor’s gloves she won’t touch them. Remember, say hello and then go out in the yard and play and I’ll come get you when it’s time to leave.


Why don’t we stay home and you tell grandma we’re waiting in the car so we don’t bring in germs?


If she doesn’t see you she probably won’t give you any money and you know we’re broke and need money.


Can’t you just tell that to grandma?


No. grandma likes to play this game so we have to go along with her.


Do you still want me to go into her bedroom and look for jewelry.


Yes. Remember, only one piece and try to remember that it should have diamonds.


What about me? What should I look for?


Look for cash in the usual places. Under the mattress, in her underwear drawer—poke around the room and if you find any take it all so she’ll think she forgot where she put it.


Is Grandma going to die?


We’re all going to die.


Should I still take her pills and put aspirin in the pill bottles?


Just in one pill bottle.


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