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Method Writing

Livid Squid 2014

February 4, 2014

Method Writing

They were walking and talking but not to each other. He was speaking into his Iphone pretending to be speaking to his shrink and she was still in the flip phone era having a make believe conversation with her best girl friend from work.


Each was talking about the other’s faults and attitudes. When they stopped at a corner waiting for the light to change they switched phones so she spoke to his shrink and he to her old girlfriend.


He never should have told her that he always thought she was hot even if he did feel that way. She told his shrink what he said and then, spitefully, made the mistake of mentioning his small penis.


By the time they reached the next light it was green so they kept the others phone and continued on. He probably should not have asked her co-worker what she thought of his penis size which created a whole new issue and at the next block when they switched phones he told his shrink how his slip of the tongue about his one night stand with her girlfriend may have caused an irreparable rift while she got on her friend's case about cheating on her lesbian lover and arguing that "yes it was cheating even if it wasn't with another woman and perhaps the next time they were all together she should ask her lover if she considered it cheating or not."


Together they turned into the building when they reachedRockefellerCenterand put away their phones. They rode the elevator up to the nineteenth floor and walked into a glass doored office and then down the hall into a large conference room where there were a handful of people sitting around a table filled with papers, bagels fruit and coffee.


“Well?” someone asked as they sat down--he with a raisin bagel and she with a cup of black coffee.


"Here's the story line for our next skit," she said and then he told them about this husband and wife walking down the street making these fake calls and how that impacted their lives. He called it communication. She interrupted with miscommunication.


Brilliant, said the producer. Let's write that up and plan a read-through for tomorrow.


After work, the couple went their separate ways, neither one going home for the night but both showing up for work in the morning in the same clothes. Both thought that this might be another skit in the making when they began speaking to each other again.


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