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INK, SWEAT & TEARS 2012 England

September 5, 2012


Mirsky called his wife from a pay phone at the airport. He hadn’t used one in years and was surprised at the fifty cents it cost. “Hell”, he thought, “It seems like yesterday they went to a dime.” At his age, (fifty-two) yesterday to Mirsky could’ve been two years or fifteen years.

Elaine wasn’t home or was on the phone so he left a message to his own voice who said to leave one and whoever was calling would be called back promptly and thanks for calling. He told Elaine that on the way to work something was gnawing at him and when he listened to ten of his eighteen messages and saw that he had several dozen emails waiting to be returned he realized what it was.

I felt an itch to get away for a few days he told their answering machine and I’m at the airport about to scratch it. I’ll be home shortly, after I clear the cobwebs, he went on, and can cope better, but right now I’m about to board a plane. I left my cell phone at work and will see you soon. Love ya, he ended with.

Mirsky slept all the way to Toronto while the detective he hired took up his surveillance of Elaine to find out who she’d been cheating with.

When Mirsky returned he got more than an earful from two people.


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