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Mom's Birthday

Poetrybay's Flash Boulevard 2018

February 3, 2018

Mom's Birthday
-Hi Mom. How you doing?
-You’re late. I’ve been waiting an hour and thought you’d forgotten our lunch date.
-No way, Mom. Why didn’t you call me?
-Why didn’t you call me?
-Well, I’m late because of the accident on RT 95 and I didn’t call you because I always have to wait an extra hour for you once I’m here.
-That’s not true.
-Well I’m here now let’s go get some fine lunch.
-I’m not really hungry. I hate some cheese and crackers while I was waiting for you. She pursed her lips.
-I know you—you always have room for a lobster
-Well, I’ll have a claw at least.
-And you can take it home for dinner tonight.
-You know I don’t like leftovers.
-Tomorrow it’ll be a leftover. If you have it today it’s just like another course.
-You always have a comeback, don’t you? Your brother took me out last weekend for my birthday prime rib.
-That’s nice. He does that every year.
-What’s that supposed to mean?
-Nothing. You like prime rib and Marty takes you out every big occasion for a bone in prime rib.
-And he does it right on the day of whatever big event, like my birthday, not a week or two away.
-Would you want to go to two fancy restaurants the same day?
-That’s not the point.
-Mom, last week I was in Paris on business and called you to wish you a happy birthday.
-You didn’t send a card.
-I was going to but there was a post office strike.
-Can’t you be serious?
-If I was I would be Marty and not me. What did he bring you for a birthday gift? A Whitman’s Sampler again?
-He hasn’t done that since he was a kid. Don’t you let anything go?
-Reaching inside my jacket pocket I pull out a wrapped box. Do you want your gift now or after dinner while you’re having your cheesecake desert?
-Shouldn’t we be leaving? Don’t you have reservations?
-We’ll be fine. Did you hear from Diane?
-You know she doesn’t call me. She’ll send a card when one of you calls her and reminds her.
-Would you like me to call from here and you can talk to her after I remind her?
-No. then she won’t send a card because she’ll say she wished me a happy birthday on the phone.
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