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Mom Met The New Neighbors

Yellow Mama 2013

August 15, 2013

Mom Met The New Neighbors

The new neighbors moved in while we took the weekend off camping. My mother went over with a plateful of her cookies but my father stayed in front of the TV. He’s not so social.

Mom came home and told Dad that the new neighbors would be coming for dinner Friday night and Dad grunted his displeasure.

“Just because we’re in Witness Protection” doesn’t mean we can’t socialize,” Mom said.

Dad looked out the bedroom window and saw the couple walking over. He told me to hurry up and get his “gear” and since he doesn’t kid around about that I pulled up my closet rug, opened the trap door and got his long hard case and scurried back to him.

“Get downstairs with your Mother,” he said while screwing the silencer onto his rifle. Then in a flash he had on the scope, slapped in the magazine jacked one into the chamber and slid the window up a couple of inches.

The man and wife both looked up at the same time, he tossed the wine bottle, she the flower bouquet and both pulled out their pistols.

Dad dropped the woman with one shot just above her right eye and the man looked up, nodded and holstered his gun. He turned and walked back to his house, got in his car and drove off.

Dad saw the look on my face. “She’s the one I ratted on that got us in the program,” he said. “We’re safe now. Her boyfriend is FBI and the one that placed us here. Minutes later the ambulance showed up and carted her body off and the next day the moving truck came and loaded up.

Dad didn’t say much but I knew he wasn’t looking forward to sending Mom out again to check the new neighbors when they finally moved in.


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