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Mutual Slump


May 8, 2012

Mutual Slump

Seth thought it was a good time to disengage himself from his current world so he called his wife, Annie and told her that he was bringing Chinese home for dinner. He left his office early, packed two small wheel-ons and went to his favorite park bench and reflected on his life. 

He wasn’t really unhappy, but then again he wasn’t happy either. Later he went back to his office, gave notice and had a message from Annie asking that they meet at Mr. Egg Roll’s instead of doing take out. On the way to the restaurant he stopped at his travel agent to pick up his tickets for the Islands and pulled in to the restaurant parking lot at the same time as his wife.

They parked in spots next to each other and turned and looked at one another almost frozen in time. Annie had a ticket to California in her purse and a suitcase in the trunk.

Each waited for the other to make the first move. Finally Seth broke and got out of his car and opened Annie’s door and they went in and shared their usual House Egg Foo Young and steamed dumplings and then they went home.

Both went back to work in the morning to ask for their jobs back.

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