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My Tanta Belle...

Scruffy Dog Review

May 8, 2012

My Tanta Belle...

So she said come up and visit some time, my Tanta Belle told me in our nightly phone call. We were standing in the produce aisle looking into each other’s carts; she said when this woman asked. What gives? You never visit anymore and you used to visit me all the time. Are you too busy or just too busy with new friends for old friends and how come you have leeks? What do you do with leeks? I thought they gave you gas she says to me.

I’m not too busy I told her and would love to visit you and the leeks are for my neighbor. I’ve never eaten leeks. She makes leek pancakes and I’m looking forward to trying them but I don’t remember any gas problem. So I asked this woman for her address and she laughed and said, See it’s been so long you can’t remember my address. Next you’ll tell me that you can’t remember my name. Won’t that be a hoot?

To tell you the truth, I told her, taking a pen and envelope out of my purse, please write down your phone number so I don’t forget again and while you’re at it add your name too. Then this woman whom I’ve never seen before hands me a piece of paper and says, Here, you write down your name and number, and call me and tell me how the leek pancakes were.

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