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Visual Verse 2016

May 4, 2016



“I like your costume”
“I like yours, too.”
“What are you supposed to be?”
“A beekeeper again.”
“Right. I can see that.”
“Thank you and your dressed as your Aunt Sadie again. You look just like her.”
“Thank you.”
“Want to go trick or treating now?”
“Let’s wait until dark so no one we know sees us wearing these shmates.”
“Think we’ll get a lot of candy?”
“I’m starting to itch.”
“I know how you feel. Aunt Sadie never washes her outfit.”
“Then why did you wear the same outfit again this year?’
“Why did you wear bee keeper again?”
“I hope we get a couple of Mars bars at least.”
“Last year it was lots of tofu and figs.”
“The problem is the neighborhood our parents drop us off in.”
“Natureville, what a name for a subdivision.”
“Next year it’s either Hostessland or Candyvilla or I’m not going.”
“Same here.”





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