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Mush/Mum 2016

March 2, 2016






Paul Beckman





Wife class.


Girlfriend class.


Wife, girlfriend, class, friends.


Wife, girlfriend, class, lunch.


Wife, girlfriend, photos.


Wife photo wife husband.


Girlfriend photo girlfriend boyfriend.


Dinner party, wife me, girlfriend husband.


Girlfriend Husband, girlfriend co-worker Maria.


Wife Husband, girlfriend neighbor Maria.


Bar-B-Q Wife, Husband. Guests: Neighbor girlfriend Maria, boyfriend Husband.


Margaritas, Margaritas, Maria, Husband, Husband, Wife, Wife.


Cerveza, lawyers, Margaritas, Husband, Husband, Maria. Wife, Wife, Maria.


Tears, tears, tears, tears.


Wife, Husband candlelight dinner.


Wife, Girlfriend, Husband bug candle picnic.


Maria, Margaritas, Maria tears. Maria tears. Tears. Tears. Tears. Maria.

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