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Play Park

Lascaux 250 2014

May 6, 2014

Play Park


Sit quietly next to me.

Good boy—let’s just look around. Stay. There’s the lady from the coffee shop entering the fenced in playground with her unruly boy. Ignore him, I tell Seamus and muss his hair but it does no good. He hops off the bench and runs over to be with the bigger Phillip who should have been tethered.

They wrestle around on the ground until Seamus starts whimpering and I go pick him up shooting Phillip’s mother a look as I hook Seamus’ harness.

Back on the bench now, Seamus lying with his head in my lap the gate opens and in come the Anderson twins, Andy 1 and Andy 2 while their mother takes a seat on the bench across from me. She takes a book from her purse, ignoring her Andys knowing they’re safe and will end up in the sand pile.

Seamus sits up and is happy to see Andy 1. Mrs. Anderson tells me to let him go, that her Andys love Seamus and they will all play nicely. She takes a ball from her purse and throws it to Andy 2 who brings it to Seamus.

I release Seamus and he takes the ball and runs away with both Andys following him and then Phillip the unruly dives into the mix. I walk over and separate them picking Seamus up and carrying him squirming back to the bench and hook the leash back onto his harness and set him down.

We walk out of the toddler’s playground and once again I vow not to return until those other kids are more disciplined.

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