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Splatts Last Fall

Lit-Cat 2016

November 17, 2016

Splatts Last Fall


Dad got our walking papers today along with our last check. We had a good run, he said. When your mom left us in the middle of the night with the Strongman and took all our elephants except Baby Jumbo I had to do something so I gave up my ringmaster’s uniform and my own Mighty Elephant Circus and became Splatt the Falling Clown while you girls walked around with props knocking me over. We signed on fifteen years ago with The Great Circus Tour and thought it might be only for a few years until I could start my own circus again but now it’s time for me to take off the greasepaint and for you girls to go to Community College and begin your life’s dream to become dental hygienists. Baby Jumbo will stay on with The Great Circus but you can bet on one thing—he’ll never forget us.


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