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January 9, 2023


I watched the crows across the cul de sac sitting on the roofs chattering away.

The next day I saw the turkey buzzards circling the sky riding the thermals. The robins and the cardinals walked amongst the squirrels under the feeders foraging,

The crows were circling trying to catch the thermals but ended up lining the tree branches huffing and puffing their little crow huffs and puffs. The blue jays sat quietly in rows on the telephone wires.

The turkey buzzards landed on a huge oak tree laughing their turkey buzzard laughs which sounded more ominous than laughter.

The hummingbirds came whizzing by back and forth and finally landing on hummingbird feeders or hovering above with beaks inside sipping the sweet nectar.

This went on until I was tired of filling the hummingbird feeders with nectar and the regular feeders with seeds.

I stopped filling the feeders and they showed their displeasure with their white blotches on my car, bar-b-que grill, and patio.

I snuck out at night and gathered all the empty feeders and hid them in a box in my garage.

The birds stopped coming around and I missed their song but not their mess, until the morning when I saw the white splotches on the garage roof.


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