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Spring Break

Pure Slush 5 Anthology issue 2016 Australia

March 21, 2016

Spring Break


We were five couples, all long out of college in St. Thomas on Spring Break while our kids were Spring Breaking it in Cancun.


Nursing a hangover on our second day we went to the beach and for breakfast ordered nachos and margaritas. After a couple of eye-openers we carried our third one into the water and cooled off and chatted.


Mirsky, barefoot, steps on a sea urchin, starts screaming and drops his margarita. The rest of us were wearing water shoes so we help him back up on the beach and someone says the only cure for the sting is urine and we get to talking about which one of us guys is going to pee on Mirsky’s foot.


The wives want in on the action and a discussion on the ability of women to aim pursues and they go all defensive on us so we say what the hey they can join in and meanwhile we’re feeding Mirsky more margaritas to keep him quiet.


No one thinks to call the resort nurse or doctor but we do decide to have a backgammon tournament and the winner gets to pee on Mirsky. Even Elaine, his wife, wants in on this.


We’ve attracted a bit of attention with our raucous behavior and it’s turning out to be like a car wreck on I-95 going the opposite directions. Rubberneckers abound. Finally, someone suggests we check on Mirsky. We look over from our backgammon tournament and he’s laying where we left him in the sand but there’s a man with three kids peeing on him. We leave our games and walk over, pissed that someone is doing our job for our buddy. The youngest kid, about six is peeing on Mirsky’s knee while the father and his two teenage sons are whizzing on the foot in just the right spot.



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