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Ted Talks Sign Up Sheet

Ordinary Madness 2017

October 21, 2017

Ted Talks Sign Up Sheet





I bought a drone on Amazon and it was delivered by drone


Changing Times


Time was when you could screw your neighbor’s wife and she’d keep it to herself


A Surprising Pair


I have no tolerance for anti-Semites or polo players


Hurry Up We Don’t Have All Day


I don’t know what I’d request for my last meal if my family walked into hospice and asked


I’d have the same dilemma if I were on death row


Good Samaritan


I want to feed the hungry, clothe the cold, and give jobs to those out of work but my schedule doesn’t allow for such frivolity


Sometimes I wonder About My Motivation


A conversation between Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Ruth


The Misunderstood


My wife never did drugs so she doesn’t understand the pleasure and the pain.


Oh the Shame


My wife was formerly married to a Republican




A Mother’s Promises


My mother often promised to break every bone in my body


True Confessions Part 1


I worry about becoming impotent as I grow older


True Confessions Part 2


I worry about growing older as I grow older




God and I do not see eye to eye. But then again, I don’t see eye to eye with anyone




Almost all my relatives are dead or do not speak to me which is basically the same thing




Grudges are their own rewards




I have too many friends but I don’t know how to cull them because they are all connected


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