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Raleigh Review 2011

May 8, 2012


This morning I watched my neighbor go off to work. She lives in the brownstone across the alley, second floor side directly across from my side through. Every morning I watch her go off to work after I watch her having coffee and toast standing at the kitchen sink while wearing her slip. The slip is always white. Before she has her breakfast she's in her bedroom looking through her closet deciding what to wear for the day and before that she's drying herself off from her morning shower. When she rubs her hair dry her breasts jiggle and after she's dried off and before she goes to her closet she puts on her panties and bra. She wears only white underwear and while the panties are skimpy she doesn't wear thongs. Then she puts on her slip. Prior to her drying herself in her bedroom I watch her brush her teeth and step into the shower. She showers quickly. Sometimes she shaves her legs, putting one at a time on the toilet. She's a no-nonsense shaver with her electric razor which she also uses to shave her underarms. She faces the window when she does this.

Then I have to rush to get ready for work, I get in about a half hour after my neighbor who is the receptionist for the office I work in. We always say hello to each other—well I say "hello" and she says, "good morning." That's the extent of our interaction for now but I'm hoping to turn it into a bit more of a conversation which could then possibly lead to lunch and then sometime down the road after work drinks.

Today at lunch hour for the first time ever we were alone on the elevator both facing front when she asked if I could possibly do her a favor and I said that I'd try and would if I could and she then asked in the same tone if I would please close my bedroom shades at night because she's spending too much time waiting to watch me masturbate and sometimes misses her favorite TV shows. The door opened at the cafeteria floor where she got out and I continued on down to the lobby so I didn't have to answer her but thought about it all during lunch. When I got back to the office she was at her receptionist’s desk and said, "Good afternoon." I nodded my hello and went on to my cubicle wondering if tomorrow would be a good time to pop the lunch question.

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