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We Held Hands but I Didn't Know Her Name

Thrice Fiction 2019

May 2, 2019

We Held Hands but I Didn't Know Her Name


She held my hand. It was of her own volition. I didn’t ask, hint, or accidently on purpose brush hands as we were walking.


She knew my first name but I didn’t know hers but that seemed not to bother her. We spoke of a dog that ran by but otherwise there was no small talk. I would’ve spoken but there was not the element of small talk invitation in the air so I kept quiet.


We reached our destination and she removed her hand from mine and opened the door and we walked side-by-side up to the large raised entry desk. Once again she dropped my hand. Then she removed the handcuffs and put them in her belt pocket and led me into a cell with a group of others and locked the door behind me.


Without wishing me luck or saying goodbye this uniformed police woman walked back over to the desk and spoke to the duty sergeant. I heard her laugh and while I never heard her laugh before I was so tuned in to her that I just knew it could be no one else.






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