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When They Look at Me I Shrug

Postcard Stories 2017

March 19, 2017

When They Look at Me I Shrug

When They Look At Me I Shrug

The ghosts are at it again my wife told me over breakfast.

Elaine is not afraid of ghosts—she finds them comforting and gives her hope of an afterlife where she'll be able to peek in on people

We have no ghosts in our house but we have mice aplenty which scare the living crap out of her. That's what she hears in the walls. If I tell her about the mice she'll get really pissed because for years she's been telling people about our ghosts.

Every once in a while I'll leave ghost tracks around. Ghost tracks? You know—open pantry doors, tilted pictures and mirrors. A dress off its hanger lying on the closet floor and it's always the same dress so she's convinced that the ghosts don't find that dress flattering on her.

How do you think I look in this dress? Elaine's asked me.

Un uh. No way am I going to get involved in this discussion I tell her. I don't stand a ghost of a chance no matter what answer I give. It's your call.

We live in New England where there are many antique houses and most people who live in these have a ghost story or two to tell. Ours is not one of them. We live in a split level that was built in the nineteen sixties so Elaine catches people off guard constantly by talking about our haunted house. When they look at me I shrug.


Story by:

Paul Beckman

6 February 2017

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