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Your Turn to Wait

Mad Hatter's Review 2005

May 8, 2012

Your Turn to Wait

-Do you know how long I've been waiting up for you?

-No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me.
-Actually I'm not, but I will tell you how thoughtless you are.
-Maybe it's time we split up then.
-Is that your answer every time now?
-No. Next week I'll have a new comeback for you.
-Next week you'll have to mail it in, she said and walked out the door.
-He shrugged and went to the couch to sleep but in his stupor couldn't find it. Maybe she's right, he thought, scratching his head in confusion, his vision blurry, as he headed    to the bedroom. I'll tell her tomorrow that my getting wasted days are over.

He lay down on the floor where their bed used to be and went to sleep muttering I love yous to his woman, who at that very moment, was heading South on I-95 in a U-Haul filled  with their house.

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