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Silkworm Ink

January 10, 2014

Rattner didn’t know how they did it but he did know his neighbors had trained their cat to crap on his lawn and not on their own. He figured they must have had a trainer come in while he was at work. It didn’t matter that he politely asked them several times to keep their cat off his property and when that didn’t work he began to, with a shovel, catapult their cat crap back onto their lawn. 
When nothing changed after a few weeks he continued doing the same but added his dog’s crap. 
At the annual block party there was a constant crowd around a laptop set up on a card table showing an endless loop from his neighbor’s webcam featuring Rattner flinging crap onto their lawn—time after time after time. 
No one was really surprised to see the For Sale sign in front of Rattner’s house the following week.

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