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Silkworm Ink

January 10, 2014

Try a little harder this time, Elaine said to her husband, Mirsky.
I’m not sure that I can try any harder, he said.
Well I’m sure, she said.
How can you be sure for me?
Because I know you. I know when you’re trying your hardest and when you’re not.
You should be more understanding, Mirsky said.
I am being understanding, Elaine said.
Understanding yes, Mirsky said, but I mean more understanding.
I’m at max understanding in this situation, Elaine said.
Elaine, I know you and I know when you’re at your max understanding and when you’re not, and I know that in this situation you’re not. You should try harder to understand.
Well if you tried harder than perhaps I would be more understanding, Elaine explained.
See what I mean? You just admitted that you have room for more understanding.

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