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Silkworm Ink

January 10, 2014

Mikey, in his freshman year of high school, went to his locker between classes to leave his old books and get his new. He put his lunch bag on top of the locker, changed books and when he reached for his lunch bag it was gone, taken by someone on the other side of the back to back bank of lockers. Once again he would have to go hungry. 
A few years later, while working at the factory, he, like everyone else put their name on their lunch pail and left it outside the lunchroom door in a row on the floor. Again, his pail had frequently been emptied out and he’d have to buy something or go hungry. 
Mikey hung his coat in the hallway at church and when he came out his new coat was gone. At the beach one time he was determined not to have anything stolen so he put his keys and wallet in a baggie, stuffed them in his bathing suit, and went for a swim. When he returned he couldn’t find his towel.
Now Mikey eats a large breakfast, carries a snack bar in his pocket for lunch and wears a sweater instead of a coat. He’s figured out how to beat the thieves but doesn’t realize that he has the look of a mark and new things will happen to him—maybe worse things—much worse.

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